It certainly is true how time can slip away when you’re a Mama. It seems the past week and a half have just gone right by without my noticing. Before I lose this week completely here is our pick for week 12 out of 52.

The Little Miss has found her feet and as expected found them to be very interesting. She is quite conversational with them and has even determined a new sleeping position to accommodate holding them…

Mama’s Daily Luxuries…

Mama Luxuries

As a new Mama I find it important to not only invest in my family but to indulge in myself. Having daily little luxuries keep me rejuvenated and ready for action to be the best Mama and Wife I can be. Above are some of my daily luxuries I’ve been personally using and want to share with you (I’m not sponsored by any of these brands. I truly love them and use them.) and yes I have chocolate just about every day. As for the mini champagne, that’s more for the weekends, but being a Mom is something to be celebrated and celebrate you should!

I made it a goal to always have a nice manicure (done at home) pre-baby and have been able to maintain this post-baby. I have found Allure by Essie to be one of the easiest, no mess, and quick dry to apply. With terrible weather on the horizon this winter I’ve needed frequent face masks as well as a good Moroccan Oil for my hair and sometimes use the cuticle oil more than once. Lighting candles creates a calm ambiance in the house as well as relaxing scents, which I find everyone enjoys.

1. Essie Nail Polish in Allure and Chocolate Cakes

2. Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Mask

3. Sophia Mini Champagne

4. Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate

5. CND Solar Oil

6. Lee Stafford Argan Oil

7. Capri Blue Candle in Volcano

The Weekend in Pictures…

Being active on Friday’s is sometimes a bit of a challenge due to a tough week. Often we’ll just relax and plan a big Saturday and Sunday much like we did this weekend. Going into our “Weekend Setlist” we had many options and not enough time, which I always prefer. There was much to celebrate from Papa’s new title at work to a friend’s birthday.

photo-8 copy

– many new discoveries these days. waiting for Papa to get home on Friday. –

photo-9 copy

Our weekend seemed to revolved around food a bit… to say the least, which I don’t necessarily see as bad. As always we feed our Starbucks addiction and lately we’ve found a new location a little walk from our place, which we really like. Living in NYC you can have your pick of Starbucks and if you grow weary of it then you can go to the one across the street.



– his = shrimp & grits, hers = steak & eggs –

Since we’re still learning the best dinner spots to bring a baby and a stroller (haven’t quite mastered sitting up yet, but we’re working on it) brunch is the best option for a nice meal out currently. We tried a new place we’ve been eyeing for quite sometime and I have to say it’s probably now my new favorite.


– feet in the air, Sophie don’t care –

The Little Miss is always entertaining, but she’s very well behaved while her parents enjoy a nice meal and we can’t thank her enough. We hope to encourage her in this behavior…


On Saturday night we celebrated a friends birthday. His favorite meal is Thanksgiving Dinner so his wife prepared him a feast and invited us to join. Two Thanksgiving dinners in one years – yes please!

I’ve had a bit of a baking addiction lately… (that might be an understatement, which you’d know if you’re following me on Instagram). This week I made a Chocolate Stout Cake with Irish Cream Frosting and it is divine if I do say so myself! We concluded our Thanksgiving celebration with this cake made in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.


We closed the weekend out with a movie at home and more much needed relaxation.

What was on your weekend setlist..?

Reflection Reaction

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My initial plan with this blog was to document the life of myself and my family so I’d have a journal to reflect back on and sharing it with everyone seemed just as fun. As a result I often think of moments or experiences, sometimes quite simple, I want to remember and thus make a note to document here in this space.

Recently I’ve been showing Autumn her reflection in the mirror and I just love her reaction. As she recognizes herself she opens her mouth wide as if in surprise and then quickly hides her face and buries it in my neck like she’s shy. It’s one of the cutest experiences I’ve ever seen and I think I’ll remember her responses to her reflection for the rest of my life. It’s these tiny moments I never try to take for granted.

Do you have any special simple memories?